As an expert trainer and consultant on employment law and HR best practices, I am uniquely positioned to provide in-depth personal development and executive coaching to cultivate successful, high-impact leaders who perform at their highest levels.

I am a Certified CDR Assessment Coach. The CDR assessment is an in-depth validated assessment that analyzes leadership character traits, drivers and rewards, and risk factors for derailment. CDR assessment is recognized globally as an outstanding tool with a proven record of accelerating the success of leaders. Benefits of the CDR Assessment include:

  • A robust assessment tool grounded in science with a normative database of more than a half million working adults that accurately identifies key strengths, potential gaps, risk factors, and drivers and rewards, leading to the formulation of an effective, impactful action plan.
  • Leadership development is fast-forwarded by a reported 1.5 to 2 years thanks to the strategy used to leverage strengths, structure development, and neutralize risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Clear-cut, measurable results correlated to performance data. ROI is measurable on three levels: the team, the organization, and the leader.

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