Civility is on the decline in every corner of our society.  Civility is simply treating others with respect. The impact of the decline in civility in our workplaces is tremendous. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued a 2016 Task Force Study on Harassment and concluded that “incivility in the workplace is the antecedent to harassment.” If there is a workplace in which incivility is left unchecked, it creates a culture that would easily set the stage for harassment.

The Workplace Civility Initiative was created in response to the overwhelming misconception that all leaders know how to interact with employees. This is not the case.  They may know how to act, but they are not mindful of the impact of their daily interactions. This training brings an awareness to managers that every single interaction with an employee is an opportunity to be civil and instill a culture of respect in the workplace.  This training also provides the data on how engaged employees who feel respected by their managers are more successful, productive, engaged and less likely to leave.

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